Celebrating 40 years of making a difference in the architectural landscape of Cape Town

  • The Bantry

    The Bantry

    A 11,000m² beach front complex in Bantry Bay consisting of 60 apartments, parking and landscaped...

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  • V&A Waterfront Marina

    V&A Waterfront Marina

    Over 200 residential apartments comprise this phase of a marina development which included...

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  • One&Only - Villa Spa Island

    One&Only - Villa Spa Island

    Two heavily landscaped resort islands consisting of 40 villa...

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  • Disa Primary School

    Disa Primary School

    Eco friendly and environmentally sustainable primary school built in a disadvantaged...

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  • The Jewish Museum

    The Jewish Museum

    Award winning museum building in an historic community precinct incorporating exhibitory...

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  • Black River Park

    Black River Park

    An office and warehouse complex of 4 buildings of 22,000sqm surrounding a courtyard...

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